Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report: The Forks, Maine January 24

The recent Monday night / Tuesday storm gave us 5″ of snow, then some sleet and freezing rain, and finally a little plain old rain on top. With colder temperatures, groomers went out Wednesday and report that trails are smoothing out very nicely. Both Tuckers will be operating Thurs, Friday and Saturday nights. Overall trail conditions are very good.

In town section is still a little thin in places and gets beat up quickly with the heavy traffic. Once out of town just a mile, things improve. The 1 mile Power Line section near Moxie Lake is rough. The logging operation just north of the Shirley Road has moved out. We have opened up and groomed ITS 86 all the way through to the ITS 88 intersection. Good going all the way to ITS 88.

Groomed and very good riding. A little thin and icy in spots for about 1 mile going around the windswept area on the south side of Moxie Mountain (check out Luke’s recent ride up to the Moxie Mountain Overlook.)

Groomed with nice going all the way through.

Groomed all the way to the Bingham Wind Farm Trail. A sweet ride!

Open and groomed.

Groomed with decent riding all the way through from Northern Outdoors to West Forks. No major ice/rut issues on the trail. The trail is flooded near Northern Outdoors due to an ice jam on the river. There is a detour which is well marked.

Jim Yearwood
Forks Area Trails Snowmobile Club
The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map

Please keep in mind this weekend is Snowmobile Open Weekend. Let’s welcome our sled friends from out-of-state with safe riding, and friendly directions to some of Maine’s best snowmobiling destinations.

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“We groomed some yesterday and currently have groomers out laying down what we have to set up with the incoming cold weather. We obviously still have some areas on the trails that need more snow but all the riders I’m talking to are very happy with the conditions. I think it’s safe to say that trails are the best they’ve been so far this season and should only get better going forward based on forecasts I’ve seen.”

For day riders, there is a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The large parking lot is plowed with plenty of room for snowmobile trailers. Groomed access to all trails. The Park & Ride lot is marked with a large sign on Route 201. Trail maps, 91 octane gas, food are available at Northern Outdoors.

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  1. Thanks for the reporting. A lot of people plan trip arou d these reports. They may not comment but A lot see the new reports. Thanks

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