Kayaking in Maine: Seboomook Class 3 Whitewater, Penobscot River

There’s so much to do from our Katahdin Adventure Base Camp, hiking the Appalachian Trail, exploring Baxter State Park, climbing Maine’s greatest mountain, paddling or fishing right from our campground at Abol Bridge, and of course whitewater rafting on the Penobscot River.

Whitewater Kayaking the Seboomook Section of the Penobscot River

Recently, a few guests adventured to the headwaters of the Penobscot River! Piloting their own inflatable kayaks, they splashed through a couple miles of Seboomook class III whitewater. Complete with sightings of eagles, moose, and spectacular scenery, the trip served as an outstanding warm-up for their rafting trip on the West Branch of the Penobscot.

Thanks to guide Ted Tibbetts for the video report! Learn more about adventures in the Katahdin region of Maine, including indoor lodging options and camping, waterfall adventures to go on, and what river to raft!

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