New England Vacations in The Forks, Maine – Moxie Falls – A Great Hike

Moxie Falls - Maine WaterfallsMoxie Falls is a must-do hike in the Forks, Maine.  One of the tallest waterfalls in New England, Moxie Falls is also one of the easiest to reach.  The trail is less than a mile long, wide and easy to follow.  There is a little bit of up and down, but nothing terribly steep and none of it very long.  A camera is a must!

The trail starts off flat and dry, and eventually winds down through some boggy spots.  Here, stepping logs have been placed through the wetter sections of trail.

Farther along, hikiners reach a four-way intersection.  The maine trail goes straight through and descends toward the falls.  Wooden steps and walkways wind along next to the river.  The falls will be heard before they are seen. At the head of the falls, there’s a boardwalk off to the left that leads to two viewing platform. 

It’s easy to find as well.  Take Route 201 north to West Forks.  Make a right onto Lake Moxie Road just before the bridge over the Kennebec River.  (This is the road that whitewater rafters take on their way to the put-in for Kennebec River rafting, so for those who have have been rafting, this will look familiar.)   About three miles up the hill, on the left, is a parking area, with a sign for Moxie Falls Trailhead.


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