Kennebec Turbine Test Releases – 2016 Dates

Turbine Test Maytag dump truck

There are ONLY 4 special Turbine Test releases a year – with 8000 CFS (cubic feet per second) of water flowing down river. That’s almost twice the normal water levels of Kennebec rafting trips of 4800CFS! This means BIG water – the biggest water in the Northeast, and the east coast!

Penobscot River Rafting- Scenic Wow Or Whitewater Wow? BOTH!

Rafting Video

Nick Menounos really captured the intensity and the beauty of the Penobscot River on his trip this past spring with Northern Outdoors. If you want to see what the river “feels” like from an “in-the-boat” perspective, through some of the biggest rapids and most dramatic scenery, watch this!

Video of the Week: Beat the Heat with Kennebec River Rafting

Kennebec Rafting Video

Maine whitewater rafting is exciting, fun and a great way to connect with the outdoors. Throw some hot weather into the mix and there’s just not a better way to spend a summer day than on a Kennebec River Rafting trip. Sunshine, refreshingly clean water and a boat…

Video of the Week: Highest Water Yet for Dead River Rafting

Video rafting dead river

This past Memorial Weekend was sure one to remember for those that went Dead River rafting with Northern Outdoors. Originally, we were scheduled for Kennebec River rafting on Saturday and Dead River rafting on Sunday. But due to the extreme high water levels, from the previous night’s rain, we rafted the Dead River on both Saturday and Sunday. A chance like this hardly ever happens!

Video of the Week: High Water Kennebec River Rafting

Turbine Test rafting video

Kennebec River rafting is always fun. Throw a little extra water into the mix and the trip becomes down right AWESOME! The standard water level for Kennebec River rafting is 4,800CFS (cubic feet per second), and this past weekend we rafted on 8,500CFS of water.