Two Articles Recommend Maine Whitewater Rafting with Northern Outdoors Recommends Kennebec River Rafting with Northern OutdoorsYippee, we’re thrilled!  Yes, you read the title of this blog right. Two separate articles on recommend Maine whitewater rafting with Northern Outdoors this summer, and there’s no better time than now to stay cool by getting on the river with us!

Maine Travel Maven and Boston Globe correspondent, Hilary Nangle, recommends Kennebec River Rafting in her 10 made-for-the-memory-books list.  Check out her list item titled Roll Down the Kennebec.  When describing our Kennebec River rafting trip, Nangle says it best,

" The Kennebec River is a 12-mile fun run, a whitewater roller coaster from just below the Harris Station Dam to The Forks. The biggest rapids are concentrated in the first half of the trip; after that, smaller rapids allow floating, swimming, and water fights between rafts."

Then there’s this other sweet piece on, 20 Outdoor Adventure Trips to Take this Summer which recommends "20 New England activities happening this season, journeys ranging from those for beginners to some to satisfy the most hardened athlete".  Here you’ll find a shout out for our Dead, Penobscot and Kennebec River rafting trips.  

With temperatures here in the Northeast predicted to stay in the 90’s to 100’s, experiencing the thrill of Maine rafting is a sure way to beat the heat this summer.  Besides, it’s wicked fun too! 


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