An Update on Snowmobile Trail Conditions in The Forks

Snowmobiler on ITS 87 in The Forks, MaineHaven’t seen any significant snow since the rain and subsequent freeze up last week. All 100 miles of The Forks Trail System are passable, but there are some tough sections. You can get through everywhere . . . just have to "bob & weave" to stay on snow and get around obstacles, on some parts.

Theres’ enjoyable riding north of Berry’s Store in West Forks on ITS 89 towards Jackman and ITS 86 towards Rockwood and up to Pittston Farm. There’s good riding on ITS 86 from Moxie Lake heading east towards Greenville. We are recommending riders trailer 5 – 8 miles north to The Forks or Moxie Lake and ride the higher elevations where there is still decent snow cover.  (see photo above taken yesterday on ITS 87) 

•    ITS 86 from Berry’s Store in West Forks, heading east toward Greenville  is poor until you get past Moxie Lake. You can get through, but there’s ice and a few washouts to work around. From Moxie Lake toward Greenville is good riding and is being groomed.
•    Bald Mountain Trail  connecting ITS 86 and ITS 87 has good riding is being groomed. There is an active logging operation on this section, for 1 mile. One snowbank has been winged down, so sleds can stay on snow.
•    ITS 87 heading south toward Bingham  has several poor spots. There is an active logging operation for 2 miles along the Divide Road. One snowbank has been pulled down for a majority of this stretch, so sleds can stay on snow most of the way. There are still a couple short stretches where you’re grinding on dirt. The rest of the Divide Road to Northern Outdoors is decent with plenty of snow, and is being groomed. Heading further south on ITS 87 to Pleasant Pond is fair. Continuing south on toward Bingham is poor and icy in several places, but passable.
•    Pleasant Pond Trail connecting ITS 87 with the Bald Mountain Trail has good snow and good riding, and is being groomed.
•    Kennebec River Trail  from Northern Outdoors to Berry’s Store in West Forks, is ok in some places and poor in others. It is passable all the way through. The last 1 mile before getting into town is the worst part.
In summary, all trails in The Forks system are passable. Parts (described above) have good to very good riding and are being groomed. Other parts are in poor shape. Ride with caution at all times.  Open water bars, rocks, shelf ice and hard packed ice can be anywhere.
Jim Yearwood
Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club

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