Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report

Snowmobile Trail Conditions in The Forks

Snow conditions, trail updates, and snowmobiling videos — from the center of Maine’s 14,000 miles of snowmobile trails in The Forks, Maine. We’ll keep you posted on the 100 or so miles of beautiful trails that we groom right here on our weekly trail reports and via email (sign up below). For details on which trails we groom see The Forks Area Trails Club, where you can also join our local snowmobile club. For a snowmobile trail map and distances from The Forks to some of our favorite Maine towns to visit by trail (Greenville, Jackman, Eustis, Rangeley, Millinocket, …) see: The Forks Area Trails. Check out snowmobile trip reviews and our rides to Moxie Falls, Coburn Mountain, Grand Falls, Bingham Windmills, the B-52 Crash Site… Maine Snowmobiling Videos and Trail Tales.

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Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report: The Forks, Maine February 7

Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report: The Forks, Maine February 7

It’s been snowing hard most of the afternoon in The Forks. We are expecting 8”- 12” total by the time the storm winds down late tonight / early Thursday morning. This will be just what our groomers need to fix up the rough spots that needed more snow. Both Tuckers will be out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights smoothing things out. Should be great riding with mid-winter conditions.

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