The Forks Area Snowmobile Trail Report

The January thaw put a little damper on the trails, but fortunately we didn’t get any rain so things are still in pretty good shape overall here in The Forks. Both groomers were out all night on Monday just as things were finally cooling off after the thaw. The snow was still soft enough to really work out all the bumps, pull snow into the corners, and lay out a flat surface. By early Tuesday morning, temps had dropped down to the low 20’s and they have stayed well below freezing since then. The result is our trail system has set up with a flat, very hard and very fast surface. With that said the thaw created a few hazards on the trails, most notably ice bridges over some water holes that have partially deteriorated. Also, there are some bare patches where the groomer drag had scalped off the tops of high spots. Because the trails are generally flat and fast, you must use extreme caution as you can come up on these obstacles at any point.  Beyond that, the riding is very enjoyable on all 100 miles of our trail system. We are continuing with our regular grooming schedule through the MLK weekend.

•    ITS 86 HEADING EAST FROM BERRY’S STORE TOWARD GREENVILLE AND ROCKWOOD  Intown trail is getting thin with “snirt” in spots, however it is all very passable. Once just 1 mile out of town, things improve greatly. Boise Road is flat and scary fast!  Short ½ mile Power Line section near Moxie Pond is somewhat rough, with a few rocks and stumps poking through. There are 2 miles of plowed road around Moxie Pond due to a logging operation. There is a solid hard snow/ice surface on all but about 100 yards of the road by the dam, so you’ll be grinding a little dirt on that short stretch. Great riding the rest of the way.
•    ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM  Divide Road is flat and very fast. A few rocks poking through on the short woods trail sections at Pleasant Pond and Moore’s Bog. Some small bare patches on a short section around the south side of Moxie Mountain. Check out the 3 mile groomed spur trail up to the Moxie Mt Lookout. Spectacular views of Sugarloaf Mt and the Bigelow Range.
•    BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL FROM ITS 86 TO ITS 87  Good snow and great riding all the way through.
•    BREAKNECK RIDGE TRAIL  Good ride through to Blanchard.
•    PLEASANT POND TRAIL  Plenty of snow and a super ride all the way. This trail combined with the Bald Mt Trail and ITS 87, makes a nice scenic loop ride around Moxie Mountain.
•    KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL FROM NORTHERN OUTDOORS TO WEST FORKS  A few bare spots on some inside corners, but not bad. A little rough the last 1 mile into town.

For day riders, there’s a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT  at Northern Outdoors on Route 201. The lot is very large, well plowed, and will accommodate large trailers. A groomed trail directly from the parking lot accesses ITS 87 or the Kennebec River Trail. Gas, food and trail maps are available at NO. Look for the big PARK & RIDE sign just before Northern Outdoors.

Jim Yearwood
Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club

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